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Welcome to the Netball Homepage! On this page, you will find information on the current competition draws and also results from both the mixed and ladies competition. Our netball competitions cater for players 14 or older for ladies, 16 or over for mixed. This page will also provide forms and by-laws.


Draws & Results

Ladies Div 1-2 Draw

 Ladies Div 1-2 Results / Ladder



Ladies Div 3 Draw

 Ladies Div 3 Results / Ladder



Mixed Div 1-2 Draw

Mixed Div 1-2 Results / Ladder


Mixed Div 3 Draw

Mixed Div 3 Results / Ladder




Competition By-Laws (July 2019)


Other Forms

 Team nomination and player registration form


Player Insurance Details

 Player insurance claim form

 Insurance details


Fees and Charges

$70 per game per team

$140 forfeit fee for the team that forfeits a game

$35 player and insurance registration fee (12 months)

$70 Team nomination fee per season